An Update: What we've been up to at Odekro

Over the past few months Odekro's blog has been quiet. We have however been very busy behind the scenes. Here are a few updates on our progress:

Court Case to Vacate the Seats of 21 MPs

Unfortunately we have been forced to suspend the court case we launched on the 14th of January to vacate the seats of 21 Members of Parliament.

Given the legal vacation and the constitutional bar on the holding of bye-elections at least 3 months before a general election, it would also be impossible for us to conclude the case in time for its outcome to have any effect on Parliamentarians and prompt them to improve their performance.

We intend to apply the many lessons we have gleaned from this process to future efforts to hold our MPs accountable. Indeed should MPs in the Parliament constituted after the elections exhibit the same behaviour as those in the this Parliament, we will not hesitate to recommence our court action to declare their seats vacant.

We wish to place on record our thanks to the Citizen Ghana Movement who supported this case financially and by providing us with Legal Counsel.

Constituency Demarcation Project

In April this year our joint grant application with the IMANI Center for Policy and Education was approved under STAR Ghana’s Election call. We shall be investigating the effect of the Electoral Commissions 2004 constituency demarcation exercise on the quality of governance, development and parliamentary representation in the affected constituencies. We hope our project will result in a more transparent constituency creation process.

New Team Members at Odekro

In January this year we formally welcomed Kinna Likimani onto the Odekro team. Kinna is a highly experienced and effective gender and development activist. She’s also the team lead for the Ghana Decides project.

Over the next few months the Odekro team intends to increase our scrutiny of Members of Parliament as the date of the crucial 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary elections draws nearer.